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How to add a scallable background image to your site?

If you want to add an image that resizes according to the monitor or the browser size just follow the steps:

First put the image exactly after the opening <body> tag:


<img src=”images/bg.jpg” class=”bg” />

Then go to the CSS and add this: {

Then add some exception CSS for IE6, because it doesn’t get this stuff to work well.

How to add additional field for an image in Joomla VirtueMart Manufacturer page?


1. Open phpMyAdmin and add the additional field to the jos_vm_manufacturer:

ALTER TABLE `jos_vm_manufacturer` ADD `mf_image` TEXT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci NULL AFTER `mf_desc`

2. Open manufacturer.manufacturer_form.php and add additional row for the new field:

<td width="22%" align="right"  valign="top"><br/><br/>Image:</td>
<td width="78%" ><br/><br/><?php
editorArea( 'editor2', $db->f("mf_image"), 'mf_image', '300', '150', '70', '25' )

3. Open ps_manufacturer.php and add the new field to the add and update functions the same way like the field mf_desc is added (just copy the line and add a new row after but for mf_image)

4. Open shop.manufacturer_page.php and do the same like in the previous step also don’t forget to add mf_image in the select statement for the database

5. If needed add the new field in the shop.manufacturer.tpl.php

6. Open shop.browse.php and add:

$browsepage_lbltext = $db->f("mf_image");
$tpl->set( 'browsepage_lblimage', $browsepage_lblimage );


$browsepage_lbltext = $db->f("mf_desc");
$tpl->set( 'browsepage_lbltext', $browsepage_lbltext );

Also here don’t forget to add the mf_image into the select statement above.

7. Then edit the browse_header_manufacturer.tpl.php add a field like $browsepage_lbltext but for the image

This is it…