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Fix for a problem with Joomla K2 and sh404sef

First some explanation about the problem.

The situation is when you have a Joomla 1.5 site with sh404sef 2.1.4 component and you want to add additional section for a blog for example and you want to use K2 2.4 for this.

So in this case you have additional menu item called for example ‘blog’ where you see a blog of your K2 articles. But you also want to have the tags and the search.

The problem is that when you hit on a tag you go to the page with the tags but you don’t see the other modules for the ‘blog’ item (you are redirected to a page without Itemid).

The same is with the search results page.

And one additional fix for a prefix in the url for your K2 blog.

Modifying the Tags Results Page for Joomla K2 + Creating a K2 Template Over Ride

This is a handy little guide, if you want to change the way that your Tag Results page is displayed.
As default, when you click on a Tag Link in a K2 Item, it will produce a page showing all full items which have that particular tag.

Now, if you Items contain a lot of information or you have a lot of Items with the same Tag, you will end up with quite a long list.

This little guide will explain how to reduce the displayed data to show just a snippet of the Item information plus add a bit of extra information.

Firstly, we are going to have to modify the generic.php file, this is located on components/com_k2/templates/
Now, If you do not want to modify this core file, then you can create a new K2 template first.