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Month: June 2009

How to make an extension to virtuemart which will allow you to add distributors and then chose distributor for each product?

First I’ll try to explain what needs to be achieved. If you have a big online store and you try to remember all your distributors (people and companies which you take your goods from and then you sell these goods to the customers) it won’t be easy. Especially if there are more people working in your online shop. So the issue is that virtuemart doesn’t have distributors support. What needs to be done is write an extension to virtuemart which will add distributors to the menu of modules (manufacturers, tax rates, vendors, ets.).

How to add a link to the manufacturer, for each product in the virtuemart caregory browse page?

To do this first read this post:

where it is explained: How to hack Manufacture Name in Virtuemart Browse Page Template?

Then step by step explanation:

1. open your: ps_product.php

and add this function:

* Functon to get the id of the manufacturer this product is assigned to
* @param int $product_id
* @return string the manufacturer id
function get_mf_id($product_id) {
$db = new ps_DB;

$q = “SELECT mf_name,#__{vm}_manufacturer.manufacturer_id FROM #__{vm}_product_mf_xref,#__{vm}_manufacturer “;
$q .= “WHERE product_id=’$product_id’ “;
$q .= “AND #__{vm}_manufacturer.manufacturer_id=#__{vm}_product_mf_xref.manufacturer_id”;

if ($db->f(“manufacturer_id”)) {
return $db->f(“manufacturer_id”);
else {
return “”;

2.  Then open shop.browse.php and add this lines:

$mf_id = $ps_product->get_mf_id( $db_browse->f(‘product_id’) );
$tpl->set( ‘mf_id’, $mf_id );


//The Code below is written by Andy Ng <  Andy@PCinvent.infoThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it >
//Please keep the above author credit line
$mf_name = $ps_product->get_mf_name( $db_browse->f(‘product_id’) );

3.  Add this line in shop.browse.php:

$products[$i][‘manufacturer_id’] = $mf_id;

somewhere after:

$products[$i][‘cdate’] = $VM_LANG->convert( vmFormatDate($db_browse->f(“cdate”), $VM_LANG->_(‘DATE_FORMAT_LC’) ));
$products[$i][‘mdate’] = $VM_LANG->convert( vmFormatDate($db_browse->f(“mdate”), $VM_LANG->_(‘DATE_FORMAT_LC’) ));
$products[$i][‘product_url’] = $db_browse->f(“product_url”);

4.  Add thil core into your browse page:

<a href=”<?php echo $sess->url( URL.”index.php?option=com_virtuemart&page=shop.browse&manufacturer_id=”. $manufacturer_id ) ?>”>
<?php echo $mf_name; ?>

that should be it.

It works for VM 1.1.2