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Month: December 2010

Why MailChimp widget disappears from my site when I sign up?

To resolve this issue go to:

onb line 249 there is:

$this->hash_mailing_list_id($this->number) == $_COOKIE[$this->id_base . '-' . $this->number] || false == $this->ns_mc_plugin->get_mcapi()

Just delete this and write in the brackets false.

This should resolve the issue and load the widget every time.

How to allow more html tags in the wordpress comments?

Scenario: I am using the tinymcecomments plugin to give some formatting capabilities to commenters. Also oEmbed for Comments is nice one – when you put a link to youtube or vimeo it automatically embeds the video.
With the latest WP update I realised the span tag was removed from comments; colors attributes are filtered by the kses filter.