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Month: October 2012

Most used web devices safe screen resolutions

Usable site space in browsers, based on the screen widths.
device screen width web site safe area
width height
iphone portrait (320 px) 310 px 352 px
iphone landscape (480 px) 468 px 202 px
ipad portrait (768 px) 750 px 920 px
ipad landscape (1024 px) 1010 px 660 px
screen : 1024 px 989 px 548 px
screen : 1152 px 1117 px 644 px
screen : 1280 px 1245 px 580 px
screen : 1360 px 1325 px 548 px
screen : 1366 px 1331 px 548 px
screen : 1440 px 1405 px 680 px
screen : 1600 px 1565 px 680 px
screen: 1680 px 1645 px 825 px
screen : 1920 px 1885 px 855 px


How to Add Social Sharing Buttons to a List of WordPress Posts on an Index Page or category page with No Plugins

Facebook Like Buttons for WordPress Loops

  1. Go to the official Facebook page for creating buttons.
  2. For the URL to Like field, just enter in your website’s main URL for now, something like You can set any of the other settings as you’d like.
  3. Click Get the Code and choose IFRAME as the type of code you want to use.
  4. Copy and paste the providing code into your theme where you want the button to appear.
  5. Before saving, look through the code for the text “”, as highlighted in the example below:
    <iframe src="//" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border:none; overflow:hidden; width:450px; height:80px;" allowTransparency="true"></iframe>
  6. Replace that entire highlighted section with <?php the_permalink(); ?>

And tooty fruity oh rudy you’re all set for Facebook. What we did there was used WordPress’ the_permalink() function to set the URL instead of the one Facebook asks us to manually enter.


Full article: