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Fix for a problem with Joomla K2 and sh404sef

First some explanation about the problem.

The situation is when you have a Joomla 1.5 site with sh404sef 2.1.4 component and you want to add additional section for a blog for example and you want to use K2 2.4 for this.

So in this case you have additional menu item called for example ‘blog’ where you see a blog of your K2 articles. But you also want to have the tags and the search.

The problem is that when you hit on a tag you go to the page with the tags but you don’t see the other modules for the ‘blog’ item (you are redirected to a page without Itemid).

The same is with the search results page.

And one additional fix for a prefix in the url for your K2 blog.

How to style the Joomla search module and component?

If you want to change the look of the Joomla search module and Joomla search component:

Copy the file:




Now make a few changes in that file and refresh your site.

In a similar fashion, you can also override the Search Module layout file. Copy the file: